Bone Heads European Mount Skull

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Who We Are

Bone Heads European Mount Skulls is a family owned and operated business in Western New York. Our clients include sportsmen and women looking to perserve the trophy of their hunt, taxidermists seeking to provide a service for their clients, as well as local zoos and educational organizations adding to their osteological collections. We take pride in our work and treat all specimens with professionalism and care.

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What We Do

Bone Heads European Mount Skulls employs thousands of Dermestid (Dermestes maculatus) beetles to carefully and thoroughly clean all tissue from the skulls and skeletal remains of our client's treasures. Dermestid beetles are a naturally occurring species of scavenger beetle. Our beetles pose your trophy no ill effects once you take it home. The processes at our facility remove the beetles from your skull, degrease, and whiten it. The end result is completely clean, sanitary, beautifully white, and sealed. Your display piece will last ages. We offer several bases, plaques, and hangers to show off your trophy.


Get In Contact

We offer you our services on a drop-off/pick-up basis by appointment, or you may ship your skull to us via UPS, FedEx, or US mail. We provide a European-style mount of your skull at approximately 25% of the cost of a traditional taxidermy mount. Please contact us for price quotes on different animal species. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions that you may have.