Bone Heads European Mount Skull


Prices as of August 1, 2022
Rabbit, Squirrel, Mink (Lower Jaw Included) $50.00
Fox, Skunk, Raccoon (Lower Jaw Included) $60.00
Beaver, Coyote, Bobcat (Lower Jaw Included) $70.00
Wolf, Domestic Canine (Lower Jaw Included) $75.00
Whitetail Buck (Lower Jaw Add $50.00) $140.00
Whitetail Doe (Lower Jaw Add $50.00) $120.00
Bear (Lower Jaw Included) Starts at $150.00 (Contact us for pricing)
Boar (Lower Jaw Included) $165.00
Mountain Lion (Lower Jaw Included) $120.00
Javelina (Lower Jaw Included) $150.00
Pronghorn $200.00
Rams Starts at $200 (Contact us for pricing)
Bison $500.00 (Lower Jaw Add $100)
Cattle Starts at $500 (Contact us for pricing) (Lower Jaw Add $100)
Horse, Donkey, Zebra $500.00 (Lower Jaw Add $100)
Elk Starts at $550 (Contact us for pricing) (Lower Jaw Add $100)
Please contact us for species not listed.
**Taxidermists, please consider us for your wholesale work. Give us a call to set up a wholesale pricing account, and we will do the work for you!

Finishing Options

Wall Mount & Pedestal Base: $70


Wall Mount w/ Picture Frame: $90


Hydro-Dipping: Starts at $80 (Contact us for pricing)

Camo Buck Snow Camo Bear


Skulls will be processed in the order in which they are received.

Customers will be contacted upon completion of their skull. Payment of balance and pick-up of skull by appointment or shipping arrangement.

Unclaimed skulls, after 30 days, may be sold.