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Important - Please Read

Proper care and handling of the animal head begins at the time of kill. Make an appointment for head drop-off immediately after kill. Heads need to be brought to us as fresh as possible, or frozen in a freezer while still fresh. Freezing does not mean left in a garage, pick-up truck, or exposed to natural elements regardless of the outdoor temperature. Leave the hide on the head and wrap the head in plastic garbage bags so the flesh will not dry out before drop-off or in your freezer. Do not leave heads exposed to open air. Treat all animal heads as if you were taking them to a traditional taxidermist. We will not accept rotten, foul smelling, insect infested, freezer burnt, or dried out heads. Our controlled beetle colonies are our livelihood. We cannot risk foreign bug or bacterial infestation that can kill our colonies. Please, treat your trophy with respect!

Shipping Information

Print a Packing ListPDF

Freeze solid, and double wrap in plastic garbage bags. Label the outside with customer's name. Place a list of "All Items Enclosed" in a plastic bag in the box to ensure that nothing will be discarded or overlooked. Complete and enclose a packing slip. Also include deposit payment equal to 50% of total cost. (Balance to be paid in full prior to return of completed work.) Deposit may be in the form of a Money Order, Cashiers Check, or PayPal. Money Orders or Cashiers Checks must be made out to "Armond Armenia". Call for Paypal contact information. Use our printable packing list. Pack the box tightly, especially around antlers, with crumpled newspaper to keep head(s) from shifting. Seal all box seams completely with packing tape.

Ship out all packages on a Monday. "Next Day" or "Second Day" delivery is necessary, regardless of your location, to ensure timely delivery and avoid spoilage. Make sure the outside of the box is marked "Perishable Taxidermy Items". We will call or email you when your box arrives to confirm delivery. The above shipping guidelines must be followed to meet the requirements of all major carriers, USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Improperly packaged, thawed, foul smelling, and/or leaking packages are considered undeliverable by these carriers, and will not make it to their destination. Bone Heads is not responsible for damaged or undeliverable packages. Thawed, foul smelling, and/or leaking packages will be refused by Bone Heads European Mount Skulls.

Helpful Hints

It is best not to ship too many items in one box because they bump against each other potentially causing damage. Cutting away the meat and removing the jaw, if not wanted, will save money on shipping costs. When removing the neck, cut away the last vertebra with a knife and never a saw so you do not damage the back of the skull.

Additional Information

Write your name and return address on the outside of the box (and supply an additional packing slip). Make sure the shipping box is strong enough to protect its contents, and clearly marked "Perishable Taxidermy Items". Protect deer tines with foam, pieces of garden hose taped to the tine, or additional cardboard. Return shipping will be itemized on your final invoice. If you want insurance calculated into return shipping please contact us. Remaining balance must be paid in full prior to return shipping. To ensure against unexpected deliveries please contact us first for our shipping address. Bone Heads European Mount Skulls assumes no responsibility for loss or damage during shipping.